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What we do

Character Fulfilment is the business to trust with your e-Commerce Website, Order Fulfilment, Shipping and Distribution needs. Ideal for startups and businesses looking to go to the next level – shipping up to 1000 parcels per week from our Warehouse in Aintree, Liverpool.
Outsource your Order Fulfilment with our Pick, Pack & Ship Order Fulfilment Services.

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FBA [Fulfilment by Amazon] Prep

With years of experience in the field, we are aware of the complex criteria for FBA preparation work that are unique to the UK market. Our all-inclusive service package is painstakingly crafted to relieve the heavy lifting involved in getting your products ready, packaged, and shipped so you can concentrate on growing your company.


Flexibility is king at Character Fulfilment. So whether you need ongoing storage of goods awaiting shipping, or just the occasional store and ship service, we are able to offer full cost effective warehousing

Pick and Pack Order Fulfilment

We offer a full cost effective Pick & Pack service, meaning we can take care of every aspect of e-commerce from receiving your order, pick, pack and shipping from our Liverpool base.

Account & Stock Management

From the outset, it is our job to work with you, and to assist you in providing the best, most cost effective e-commerce service we can. There are a number of ways we do this through Account & Stock Management.

E–commerce Website Design

We create truly functional, E-Commerce Website Designs – with an aim to simply work for your business, both aesthetically and functionally. We work hard to give your business the tools to increase your brand’s visibility.

end to end order fulfilment

Warehousing, Pick & Pack order fulfilment, Account & Stock Management, Storage & Distribution – we’re in the business of helping you in your business, and we take that seriously.

Frequently asked Questions

Turnaround times

Same day dispatch is available on all parcel orders and pallet shipments, providing we hold stock.


We provide all your packaging and postage documents. We do the labour intensive work allowing you to run your business.

What size parcel?

Anything really, we have links to all the major transportation networks, with excellent rates for pallets and parcels. 

What can we store?

What can we store everything from boxes to pallets. From 1 box to 3000 pallets we have the capacity to assist your business.

Do I need to track my goods?

No right or wrong answer here.

Prices can often be towards the high end of delivery costs, the question really is, would proof of delivery suffice? It can be a lot cheaper with a degree of knowledge that goods have been delivered.   

The more expensive the goods we ship, we have added security for insured goods readily available.

Can I access my goods?

Yes of course they belong to you the client. All we ask is 24 hours notice so we can provide escorted access to the area.    


We charge on and off fees if goods are on pallets, which will be reflected in prospective volume pricing. If pallets are stored you are charged a weekly fee chargeable monthly 30 days on account (providing suitable checks are met).  

We charge a monthly fee which covers all stock reports, client support and software licensing. 

We know no 2 clients are ever the same you may send 4 consignments a day or you may send 20-50 pallets a day either way you are treated as a key client. 

What if my goods are fragile?

We treat all packages and parcels with the same care and attention regardless of item. 

We use high quality locally sourced packaging and have a really strong supplier base providing us with cartons, pallets and packaging.  

Who will look after me?

We believe in great customer service and full transparency. We have dedicated account managers with a wealth of knowledge, ensuring that you have all you need – allowing you to concentrate on running your business.     

Please note

Your goods are insured whilst in storage and transit (subject to services selected).

We cannot store any goods that are classed as dangerous or illegal in any format you will be asked to provide documentation for certain items and all T&Cs of Character Mailing Services limited must be adhered to.  Any none compliance will result in the service being terminated immediately and goods returned.

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